My Story

Introduced to photography in the dark room at Shippensburg University, I developed more than an image on a piece of paper; I developed a love for documenting life.  Capturing my clients’ unique stories is the foundation of each photo I take.

I draw a lot of inspiration for my work from the love I’m surrounded with every day. My husband and daughters have opened my eyes to a whole new level of what it means to truly love and be loved. I understand how an expecting Mom feels while looking down at her belly, I’ve held my baby for the first time, I’ve seen her change right before my eyes, and I understand how you feel about the rate of speed at which time goes by.

Because of my life experiences, I know how important it is to document yours.

Becoming a lifestyle-based photographer wasn’t so much a choice as it was a reflection of what I see in everyday life.  I have always been a silent observer and am fascinated by the relationship of people around me.  Lifestyle photography is intended to showcase not only the smile-at-the-camera-moments, but the real moments that happen every day in your life.  Your photo session is an opportunity to document this very second in time.  Your children are always changing and tomorrow they won’t be doing what they are right now, but with the click of my shutter you will always be able to look back at today and cherish it for all of time.

When I’m not creating meaningful images for my clients, I enjoy soaking up time with my family, sipping on a glass of wine, and breathing in that very second of life.


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