Connection.  Simply put, it’s the very thing that we thrive on.  Every day we feel connected to our families, to our babies, to our children, and to our loved ones.  Whether it’s a touch, a look, the way the sun hits your daughter’s curls, whatever it may be, our lives are intertwined and connected with the ones we love.  The only way to look at a photo and remember these tiny details is to see that connection for yourself.  You don’t think about the simple act of holding your child’s hand or running your fingers through your daugher’s hair or even your husband ever so gently touching your back, but it happens every day of your life.  We want to document those very moments and memorialize them for all of time.  Our goal is for you to look at your images, quietly smile to your self and think, “how could I have ever forgotten the way my baby’s nose scrunches up when he smiles…”

What does this have to do with your photo session?  Everything.  Whether you are interested in a Lifestyle Newborn session at home, a Fresh 48 session during those early hours in the hospital, Maternity, or a Family session our goal is always the same: capturing that very time of life that is so special in it’s own unique, crazy, and beautiful way by sharing your connection and telling you family’s story.  Of course the photos of your family all looking and smiling at the camera are super important (and we get plenty of these during your session), but what really sets our soul on fire are the little moments captured and the photos that you forget all about the camera and the perfect outfits you picked and genuinely invest all of you in your child. Those are the photos that will make you never forget.

Contact us and tell us all about your family.  We make the session all about your amazing family bond and can’t wait to share with you all the specifics about our sessions!