Baby E | Chambersburg, PA Lifestyle Newborn Photography

You guys!! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged.  Totally guilty.  And, trust me, I have a huuuuge backlog of amazing families that I want to share on here.  SO why not start with our most recent session.  Baby Emma is the lucky little one of some pretty great parents and an equally awesome big brother.  They are all absolutely smitten by her (well, her brother is still getting used to the idea of a new sibling, but that’s par for the course with toddlers!).  We enjoyed a lifestyle newborn session, which focuses not only on all the adorable baby things we love so much, but these sessions also share a family’s every day life.  Does your toddler like to dance around in your bedroom?  Great!  Do you guys snuggle on the bed together or read books to your little ones?  Perfect!  These are all the little moments that you don’t want to forget and I want to capture for you.  And have I mentioned these sessions are my favorite?!  Well, they are!  So, here are a few images taken from my time spent with baby Emma and her lovely family.  Enjoy!