Baby M | In-Home Lifestyle Photography

I hate to sound like a broken record around here, but there’s nothing I love more than in-home lifestyle sessions.  Thankfully, I photograph my newborns in home all the time, but in-home sessions are still catching on for other big events – such as your baby turning ONE.  The same rules apply  here: comfort of your home, everyone is at their best there, and you get to preserve this moment in time.  All the toys, all the things your child loves forever documented.  It’s a win/win/win!


Baby Michael’s Mom and I hit it off as soon as we emailed back and forth and later chatted on the phone.  Not surprising, though, considering one of our very favorite client/turned friend connected us (yay!!).  She wanted all the little details, his toys, favorite books, crib, EVERYTHING photographed and I said WHEN CAN I START?!  This is the best part of our jobs as photographers: to forever stop this moment in time for our families.  Nothing is better than that!


Check out a highlight of our time together and you’ll love this family just as much as I do!