Daydream for a second about your family.  What picture comes to mind?  Do you see your little ones bouncing all over the place with huge smiles spread across their faces?  Do you see their messy, unkempt hair flying in the wind?  Do you see them dancing in the kitchen with you?  Maybe you think of them curled up so peacefully in their beds sleeping or maybe the picture in your mind becomes so real you can almost feel your baby pressed up against you as you soothe her.  Maybe you’re not quite there yet and you’re in the dreaming stages still as you rub your growing belly and feel that sweet little babe moving inside you.  Whatever the picture may be, these are your family’s authentic moments.

What does this have to do with your photo session?  Everything.  Whether you are interested in a Lifestyle Newborn session at home, a Fresh 48 session during those early hours in the hospital, Maternity, or a Family session our goal is always the same: capturing that very time of life that is so special in it’s own unique, crazy, and beautiful way by sharing your connection and telling you family’s story.  Of course the photos of your family all looking and smiling at the camera are important (and we get plenty of these during your session), but what is truly valuable and what you will never want to forget are the little moments and details captured.  When you allow yourself to forget all about the camera, the perfect outfits you picked, and genuinely invest all of you in your child; those are the images that will help you to never forget.

Contact us and tell us all about your family.  We can’t wait to discover what makes your family so imperfectly perfect and unique!